The Party Cupcake Bar is a new twist on the ever popular cupcake it offers a quirky, fun and interactive attraction to any occasion.

We arrive at your event and set up the Party Cupcake Bar with a selection of naked cupcakes, frostings and toppings pre-arranged by you to suit your party requirements.  We then customize each cupcake for your guests as they choose their cupcake flavour, frosting and toppings.

The Party Cupcake Bar is customised by you and provides your guests with an entertaining and unforgettable experience at your occasion.

Any event can be catered for whether it be a wedding, birthday, office party or anywhere else you would like to eat a cupcake!


One thought on “

  1. What a brilliant idea!. The cakes look absolutely delicious too. My two Children would love this, they are always looking for a little bit of each cake and so hard to please. Heres the perfect solution. I am an instant fan!

    Following you on twitter to get the latest looking forwards to your tweets.
    My little Boutique is here: please follow. All the very best for 2013!

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